UX Designer / Information Architect from Taiwan, now living in Seattle.

Jasmine Lin is a user experience designer and information architect based in Seattle.

Microsoft - OPG
2017 - 2018

BLAMO was hired to do research and concept-generation involving ubiquitous computing scenarios that apply to Microsoft’s huge portfolio of enterprise applications.

My role was to create dozens of framing diagrams to understand where, in that vast space, we might focus and develop some small prototypes or vignettes that would begin to rally many divisions around a single approach.


Autodesk — Shotgun

Shotgun is the industry-leading, film studio production tool used by creative teams in the motion picture and gaming industries. The primary goal was to retain trial customers with better onboarding and in-line help and learning.

My team was responsible for designing a first version in-app learning experience for Shotgun. I created user journeys, interaction logic diagrams, prototypes and clickthroughs following Autodesk HIG to communicate with internal team.

Case Study


2016 - 2017

Skype began a lengthy redesign with the hope of gaining back some of the market share it had lost. The main idea was to refresh its user experience, by applying behavioral psychology techniques to new features that would drive engagement.

I was a member of the team responsible for designing interaction models for critical scenarios. This included patterns for: FRE, onboarding, profile, settings, sharing, and many of the behind-the-scenes systems. The redesign launched in January, 2017.


KEXP is a nonprofit arts organization serving music lovers and artists through in-person, broadcast, and online programming. This project is to define design direction for a KEXP music discovery platform to support and extend each DJs’ creative process during a live show.

I led a group of students from Cornish College to complete a thorough discovery phase to inform the design process. We created experience requirements, defined primary use cases, and illustrated key scenarios. This informed a user journey which was presented to internal stakeholders at KEXP.



BLAMO was hired to help create a first version loyalty program for Vans. As interaction designer, I explored interaction models that would match Vans’ customers unique style.  The challenge was to create something unique that was also easy to use and understand. In order to validate designs and uncover opportunities, we asked 13 loyal Vans fans to evaluate our interactive prototype. 

We iterated on the designs based that customer feedback and help Vans launch ‘the Family’ to the public in February 2018.



Padam is a portable Wi-Fi speaker that allows direct access to your favorite playlists, internet radios, and podcasts through the simple twist of a dial. After the initial set-up, no phone is required.

BLAMO was hired to design the user experience for users interacting with the speaker itself by creating a mental model involving interplay between knobs and a LED panel.


2016 - Present

MOOVE is a digital platform dedicated to realizing shared mobility scenarios for the largest logistics corporation in India. The Uber-like platform includes mobile apps for drivers and riders along with a web app for optimizing dispatch and administrative workflow.

BLAMO was a partner from day one, providing all UX design and platform architecture. I was the lead designer and worked on many features alone. MOOVE is currently operational in New Delhi and Bangalore.


Civics in Chaos
2017 - 2018

Civics in Chaos is a euro-style card game based on the procedures of passing a bill in Congress, mirroring real life in an uncanny way. The game involves intricately woven game mechanics and trump cards.

This is was a successful Kickstarter for BLAMO. There were numerous game design sessions, play tests, and rule refinements along the way. Civics in Chaos is currently being shipped to backers around the world.