Pilot Lab
UX Designer
2018 - Present

UX Designer
2016 - 2018

Enterprise Resource Planning Intern


University of California San Diego
User Experience Design Certificate
2016 - 2018

University of Washington
Master of Library Information Science
2014 - 2016

National Taiwan University
B.A. Library and Information Science
2010 - 2014


Top Writer in Design
Medium (2.8K followers)

40 Under 40
Girls in Tech Taiwan


Why are you a designer?

I’ve always been a kid who views creativity as part of her life. I used to write novel, draw manga, and design shiny graphics for Yahoo groups (yeah, that’s way back in the days). But I always viewed the creative side of me as a hobby, not a career goal.

Due to my love towards reading, I decided to obtain library science bachelor degree in college. Like many college students in Taiwan, I didn’t have a clear vision of how my career path would pan out. So I just took classes that interested me, which are communication, psychology, and many information science classes.

It felt like destiny when I found out there’s a domain called UX design, which is the mix of what I love as a grown-up and what I was passionate about as a kid. So I grasped every chance to take relevant classes while in University of Washington, but mostly self-learned. After graduation, I successfully become a UX designer with an urge to keep learning.


What do you use in daily workflow?

Product Framing
I create thoughtful diagrams to define product north star, using Keynote and Sketch.

Information Architecture
I’m comfortable working in abstract environment to design product framework and mental model.

Interaction Design
I love to draw wireframes that map to user journey and task flow, using Sketch or Figma.

Visual Design
I rarely do visual exploration, but can create and maintain design system based on existing visual direction.

I create low to high fidelity prototypes to showcase micro-interaction, using InVision and Flinto.

Product/User Research
I enjoy doing research including competitive analysis and usability testing to inform design decision.


Who are you outside of work?

I’m a writer. I started writing my journey and thoughts as a designer on Medium since 2017. The initial purpose was to document what I experienced along the way. Then something amazing happened — more and more people started reading my articles. It turns out there are many aspiring designers found my words useful, some even reached out to me for further conversation. It feels awesome to help others reach their dream. Now, I write because I believe my writing is empowering people, including myself.

Also, I love books. Reading is one of my favorite things. I read fictions and non-fictions, with various topics including behavioral psychology, entrepreneurship and productivity. Like many PNW people, I’m passionate about all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and snowboarding. If it’s raining, I can usually be found reading, watering plants, or playing with my pup.


Where to find you?

Email | Linkedin | Medium