Vans Family

Vans was launching their new customer loyalty program named Vans Family. Our responsibility was to design the app experience from scratch. My role was focusing on creating member enrollment flows and helping design interaction models.



We read through all the marketing research given to us. Also, we investigated current loyalty program models (eg. Starbucks, Sephora, Hotels and Airlines) and what the future loyalty program experience would be like.


interaction models

Loyalty program have three main compositions — points, rewards, and exclusive events. These are essentially tied to the questions: How to earn points? How to spend points? What are the cool things I could do as a loyalty member?

Based on this understanding, we created six different types of interaction models. All models are compatible for points, rewards and exclusive events.

Designed with Jake Lunde & Megan Ruhlach

Designed with Jake Lunde & Megan Ruhlach


enrollment flow

Vans loyalty program was planned to roll out in stages, so there were different types of users — users with or without a Vans membership, users within or without the beta area, and users enrolling in the program through purchase point or not. 

Hence we did tons of iterations on enrollment task flow. Our goal was to design a flow that made all users feel the app was easy-to-use and welcoming without redundant steps.

One of the enrollment flows we designed

One of the enrollment flows we designed