Skype App

Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. We helped Skype to redesign its interaction model.

My work was designing delightful and intuitive onboarding experience for first time users. I'm responsible to produce high fidelity prototypes to communicate with internal PMs to meet business requirements. Also, I got the chance to practice visual design exploration.



The onboarding flow is the first time user experience. The question was– how to provide as much information in a way that helps user understand how this app work and also feel welcomed.

Since the new Skype app has some new gestural interactions, we included three main interaction tutorials through the onboarding slides.



Once users got into the main interface, we introduced the card thread as welcome messages. Those are the fun tips tutorials, but users are free to skip them. Cards collapsed into conversation thread, which not only keep the tutorial cards for user to revisit in the future, but also introduced Skype bot to users.


Contact Card iteration

Other than interaction flows, we also worked on multiple iterations on high-fidelity design compositions. The compositions matter when we want to orchestrate user, business, and design requirements.


Visual Design process

I had no visual design background then, so it’s an exciting experience to work through visual design process. We created tons of vignettes, which vaguely presented the visual concepts of Skype. Then we grouped them together into a couple of visual directions we’d like to keep exploring.

Deciding visual design direction

Deciding visual design direction

All design were up on the wall

All design were up on the wall