Padam Speaker

Padam is a portable Wi-Fi speaker that allows direct access to your favorite playlists, internet radios, and podcasts through the simple twist of a dial. After the initial set-up, no phone is required.



Our job was to design the experience when users interacting with the speaker without phone. We started by drawing out all basic actions related to music playback, and mapped them to the knobs.


Fun LED Display

Then we developed mental models for how buttons and display works. Our goal was to bring users playful experience, so we tried mocking up how LED arrays should work. What were the right amount of information should be shown on the device, so users get enough understanding of what’s going on?

Some of the LED display exploration

Some of the LED display exploration


We learned from Nike Fuel Band but excluded all text display. The LED display on Padam only show simple visuals to indicate current state of the device. (Motion design by Jake Lunde)